With Brazos Ebner

Braz will show you a whole new world of electronic music, from everything from v a p o r w a v e to EDM and if you don’t know what v a p o r w a v e is, we suggest you tune into Braz_OS at WFCS 107.7 The Edge to hear all about it. He will open your eyes and ears to new electronic music that is hot on the scene. Who doesn’t want to hear a new artist release a song before it gets famous? We do!

All shows brought to you by WFCS 107.7 The Edge, located at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain Connecticut. WFCS 107.7 The Edge is proud to bring a variety of shows and genres around the clock and create new opportunities for artists to be displayed. WFCS 107.7 The Edge is a proud supporter of new and upcoming musicians both local and across the United States as well as internationally. Anyone who has a love for music is welcomed to participate in listenership and submissions to be played over WFCS 107.7 The Edge.